Must-Know Maps in Toilet Tower Defense

In-Depth Look at Key Maps in Toilet Tower Defense

Toilet Tower Defense offers a variety of maps, each presenting unique challenges and requiring different strategies. Here’s an in-depth look at the key maps you need to know:

Toilet City

Toilet City is where it all started. This map is a blend of Palm Paradise and the Desert Map, providing a mix of urban and sandy terrains. It’s open, offering ample space for unit placement, making it a great starting point for new players.


As the second map introduced, Desert stands out with its vast open spaces and sandy environment. It features scattered buildings and allows players to place units outside the main map. The map’s length provides plenty of time to strategize and prepare for incoming waves.

Cameraman HQ

The third map, Cameraman HQ, is a closed-off area similar to Toilet HQ but much larger. It has a longer path, giving players more time to fend off enemies. However, the placements for units are trickier, requiring careful planning to maximize effectiveness.

Toilet HQ

Toilet HQ, the fourth map, offers a more confined space like Cameraman HQ but with better unit placement opportunities. It’s a versatile map suitable for various difficulty levels, making it a favorite for many players.

Palm Paradise

Palm Paradise is the largest and longest map in the game, added in the Episode 62 Update. It features two spawn points, adding complexity to the defense strategies. Units cannot be placed on the sand island, which requires players to be more strategic about their placements.

Turkey Town

Introduced during the Thanksgiving Event, Turkey Town is the smallest map in terms of size. It has a triple-lined course with numerous trees and bushes. The course ends in a small town, providing a unique setting and challenge for players.

Toilet Fortress

Toilet Fortress is the dedicated Endless Mode map, introduced in the Endless Update and redesigned during the Saint Patrick’s Day Update. Surrounded by lava and featuring a long path, it offers excellent unit placements and a visually striking environment.

Egg Island

Egg Island is the map for the Easter Event 2024, featuring the event difficulty. It’s the shortest map but includes 60 waves, making it highly challenging. The boss, Rabid Rabbit Toilet, adds to the difficulty, requiring players to be quick and strategic.

Each map offers unique challenges and opportunities, making them crucial for strategic planning. Let’s explore the must-know maps in the game.

Map Name Description
Toilet City The first map added to the game, combining elements of Palm Paradise and Desert. This map is open and features both urban and sandy areas.
Desert The second map, characterized by its open layout and sandy terrain. Buildings are scattered around, allowing placement outside the main map.
Cameraman HQ The third map, a larger and more complex version of Toilet HQ. It’s closed off with a longer path, though unit placements are more challenging.
Toilet HQ The fourth map, similar to Cameraman HQ but smaller. It offers excellent placement opportunities and is suitable for most difficulty levels.
Palm Paradise The largest and longest map, introduced in the Episode 62 Update. Features two spawn points and restricted unit placements on the sand island.
Turkey Town Added in the Thanksgiving Event, this is the smallest map. It features a triple-lined course with trees and bushes, leading to a quaint town at the end.
Toilet Fortress The Endless Mode map, featuring a long path surrounded by lava and walls. It offers good unit placements and underwent a redesign in the Saint Patrick’s Update.
Egg Island The event map for the Easter Event 2024. Despite its short length, it has 60 waves, making it a challenging and fast-paced map with the Rabid Rabbit Toilet boss.